Harry Haskell


Katharine and Orville Wright, with unidentified companions, at Tempelhof Field, Berlin, 1909, Courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University.


Maiden Flight
Torn between duty and love, Katharine Wright agonized for months before making a devastating break with her world-famous brother Orville to marry newspaper editor Henry J. Haskell. Maiden Flight is imaginatively reconstructed from personal letters, newspaper reports, and other documents—in particular, Katharine's lively and extraordinarily revealing love letters.

Boss-Busters and Sin Hounds: Kansas City and Its "Star"
At the turn of the 20th century, the Kansas City Star was a trust-busting newspaper acclaimed for its crusading progressive spirit; fifty years later it was a busted trust, targeted in the most important antitrust action ever brought against an American daily. Boss-Busters and Sin Hounds tells the tale of the Star's rise and decline against the richly textured backdrop of Kansas City--the story of how a newspaper and a city grew together and ultimately grew apart.

The Early Music Revival: A History
Praised by the New York Times as "a book full of information and ideas," The Early Music Revival is a comprehensive study of the historical performance movement from the 18th century to the present. Based on extensive original research, as well as interviews with leading artists and scholars in Europe and the United States, the book scrutinizes major figures and trends in the early music revival, and assesses the remarkable impact they have had--and continue to have--on mainstream musical life.

The Attentive Listener: Three Centuries of Music Criticism
This wide-ranging anthology brings together music journalism from the United States, England, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Latin America, and Canada. By turns sober and satirical, the 100 short essays explore such key topics as the nature of musical taste and criticism, the cult of the charismatic performer, cultural nationalism, program music, and the impact of modern technologies on composers, performers, and audiences.

Selected Works

Fiction/creative nonfiction
"Masterfully drawing on intimate family letters, Haskell crosses the boundaries of fact and fiction to bring to life the distinctive voices of an era and illuminate one exceptional woman's struggle for independence and fulfillment."
–Lauren Belfer, New York Times bestselling author of City of Light, A Fierce Radiance, and And After the Fire
“This could be the best book on Kansas City history published in decades. The writing is excellent, literate, and informed.”
—William S. Worley, author of J. C. Nichols and the Shaping of Kansas City
"A book that will delight and instruct everyone who reads it, even those who have lived through important parts of the story; better still, it will leave the reader thinking about what it all means."
--Richard Dyer in the Boston Globe
"A beautifully collected and annotated anthology of occasional writings about music. . . . I recommend it to anybody who likes music and wants to like it yet again."
--Boston Book Review

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