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In Her Own Wright

This three-part podcast tells the story of a woman who was as remarkable in her way as her brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, were in theirs. Until a few years ago, most biographers and historians treated Katharine Wright (1874-1929) as a minor character in the Wright Brothers saga, the loyal, self-sacrificing sister who kept the home fires burning while the menfolk were out inventing the airplane. But the real Katharine Wright played second fiddle to no one. She embodied, in a very public and prominent way, the worldly, independent, and self-fulfilled New Woman who turned traditional gender roles on their heads at the turn of the twentieth century. 



Hosted and narrated by Harry Haskell, Katharine's step-grandson, In Her Own Wright explores the public and private lives of the extraordinary woman who has long stood in the shadow of the world-renowned fathers of powered flight.  


Throughout the podcast, dramatic readings from Katharine's letters are interwoven with the voices of scholars, historians, family members, and other interpreters, who offer their own illuminating perspectives on Katharine and her times.


Listen to In Her Own Wright:

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You can also read transcripts of the three parts by clicking on the links in the left-hand column. For links to other online resources about Katharine, Wilbur, and Orville Wright, see the page on this website devoted to Harry Haskell's novel Maiden Flight


In Her Own Wright was produced by George Drake, Jr., and made possible by a generous grant from Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, with additional funding from Sue and Lester Reingold, and Susan Marsh and Richard Maurer.


Special thanks to 91.3 WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio; voice actor Christine Brunner; and guest commentators Dawne Dewey, Andrea Fellows Fineberg, Judith Peller Hallett, Sarah Heald, Laura Kaminsky, Amanda Wright Lane, Richard Maurer, Laurie Notaro, Edward Roach, Lois Walker, and Cindy Wilkey. Excerpts from the opera Finding Wright, by Laura Kaminsky and Andrea Fellows Fineberg, were performed by mezzo-soprano Blythe Gaissert and pianist Cris Frisco, courtesy of Dayton Opera.